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 In Progress

“Creating and Using Digital Notebooks for CORE Subjects”
Research shows that going digital enhances student engagement and performance. Digital notebooks help students to personalize and individualize learning along with increasing collaboration with teachers and peers. Students may express their thinking through videos, apps, text, and pictures. Digital notebooks enable teachers to create learning templates to drive instruction and students are able to layer information on top of each other. In addition, students are able to hyperlink to third party apps. After the session, attendees will have all the tools they need to implement digital notebooks with confidence and ease.

i-Ready/Early Intervention Program Evaluation
Researchers track i-Ready data to determine the effectiveness of the program’s impact in public schools.

“5 Ways to Promote Engagement in the Online IHE Classroom”
It is critical that instructors realize that online teaching is so much more than simply posting lecture presentations and having students respond to a few questions in the discussion thread.